Twitter is changing the world? C'mon now…

I added Twitter to this blog about eight weeks ago.

I thought it was a useful little applet to provide visitors to this site with an idea of whether I was around, on vacation, travelling etc.  That’s about it.

Now it seems it’s the hottest thing on the Interweb.

For the love of jebus.

This behavior of making everything that appears online as “the new new thing” just isn’t terribly helpful in my opinion. 

How long will the passion and commitment last?

Surely if you really want to know is someone online you can use IM or E-mail or perish the thought – how very analog of me – use a phone.

I think Twitter is interesting, useful even, but it’s NOT the answer to the world’s ills.  I see there’s even a new search engine that’s been released for it.

One question.


Maybe (and not for the first time) I’m missing something. Enlighten me.


Kevin… Thank you, I am not alone…

Postscript 1:

OK I’ll admit that Twittervision is a cool little application but will you sit and watch it twice?