Euroblog findings, connectivity 2.0, blogging…

Euroblog 2007 Findings

Philip has published some results from this year’s Euroblog survey of over 400 professional communicators across 30 countries.

  • 85% of respondents believe that weblogs and social software are revolutionizing the way we communicate.
  • A lack of skilled employees is the largest factor limiting the use of blogs (69%) with 42% quoting the fact that they can’t demonstrate ROI.
  • 83% say that finding the time is the biggest challenge

Very interesting stuff, though I imagine it’s weighted towards to more technically savvy practitioner.

You can see the findings here.


Connectivity not creativity

John Wagner makes a very interesting point wondering is all this Web 2.0 stuff about generating content or being able to find and share content. It’s probably a mix, but user-generated content gets the headlines. Meanwhile many of us are happy with the accessibility.


Guide to Corporate Blogging

Mark van der Wolf at Lewis PR has released a guide to Corporate Blogging – via Morgan McLintic.


Editor’s Note:

I think you’ll appreciate that the headline of this post won’t be filed under “most creative blog headline of the month”. My only excuse is I’m just back from holidays and I’m doing my best! 🙂