Why the Press Release remains important….

Not to keep kicking the dead dog

Shel Holtz has a post on why, from a regulatory point of view, the press release isn’t dead. That’s a strong factual argument.

So let’s add some opinion.

The press release isn’t dead because it’s a well understood informational instrument that meets all regulatory requirements.

Huh? Let me explain.

If we can agree for one moment that good communication is about your audience. 


Then it’s the audience that matters.

When you’re designing a web site (how twentieth century) the commn mantra is think about your audience, understand what information they want, and make damn sure they can find it in the format they want or expect.

That’s why a press release is useful – yes I know they can be spam – yes I know they can be badly written – but they provide information in a common format that, in most cases, provide the same types of information.

I’ve nothing against the social media release, no harm in it.  But I’ll be sticking to press releases for a little while yet – even if it’s for informational rather than promotional purposes.