Let's get back to real PR for a moment…

  • Keith Jackson points to an article by Ingrid Jackson (relation? no relation? undisclosed) that looks at communications around a real-world merger. Definetely worth a read.

The communications fundamentals during a merger revolve around stakeholder buy-in. But the communications requirement is much broader than this. It includes stakeholder analysis, issue identification, key messages, strategic and action planning, coordinating external and internal communications, project management, and responding tactically to often rapidly changing circumstances.


  • Richard Bailey ponders the issue of how do we capture the essence of PR.  He comes up with the terms Ideas Management.  I’ve always maintained that one of major issues facing PR’s image is the diversity of the profession (yes contrary to some discussion elsewhere I do consider myself a professional with a profession). It’s a tough one.


  • Edelman have released the findings of their Trust Barometer. OK let me be a little naughty here.  I don’t like to “social media release” – I much prefer the traditional format.  Sorry, I know I’m showing my age, maybe this is just a bad example but I much prefer the introductory paragraph that we all slaved over for hours and hours and framed the news. I know badly written releases are bad, but….


  • Morgan McLintic has been interviewed by Bulldog Reporter.  This item just about scrapes into this post about real PR due to all the Second Life references 🙂 .


  • Chris Anderson ponders the effect on the “Long Tail” on PR. Brian Solis adds his two cents. This is something I’ve written about before (here) I think it’s going to be increasingly important for companies in the long run, the challenge facing PR is how do you pitch a “Long Tail” service? I don’t agree with Mr. Anderson’s assertion of PR moving from external to internal relations because that’s making the assumption that blogs become the single point of communication for everyone – nah…