Disasters, leaks, Edelman and the journalist-blog debate…

Blogger Note: I realize that this headline looks as though it’s a post about a disaster and a leak at Edelman – which it’s not. But hey I’m a blogger not a journalist. 

  • In what must be a fairly easy exercise, Gerry McCusker is calling for nominations for the top ten PR disasters of 2006. I imagine the challenge will be in the judging rather than the accumulation.


  • The myth of control is one of the biggest hurdles for PR people embracing the brave new (or not so new) online world.  Digital information is uncontrollable and when you couple that fact with more outlets and less barriers, then  the idea of “control” is soon forgotten – it’s one of the reasons that we’re dealing with more, albeit smaller, crises than ever before.  ValleyWag offers a helpful guide for employees interested in leaking news from their employers… [Leaked via Alice and Mike…]


  • Ireland’s Piaras Kelly is the latest PR blogger to move to the Edelman empire.  Best of Luck with the new job!


  • Josh Hallett reports from the WOMMA summit on a session which asked: “Are bloggers journalists?” It’s not a unique question and I imagine there isn’t a definitive answer. Of course, some journalists are bloggers and vice versa, but are “bloggers” as an entity “journalists”? Not in my humble opinion.  No way.