Something old, something new and something new and something old….

Stuart Bruce has a great example, albeit not typically representative of your standard PR campaign, of why the combination of “new” and “old” media continues to offer the most potent mix in most fields of communication. The sceptic in me still wonders if it’s a marketing trick, but evidence points to the contrary.  It’s also interesting that the combination of billboard and the MySpace site has seen the story picked up in the national press.

On a completely seperate topic, there’s a great example of how the online world can provide a really useful resource.  Following on from Michael Kemper’s selection of the five best PR books, Constantin, Kami and the rest of the online PR crew have pulled together a site where you can suggest and vote for your favourite PR book.  If you are interested in some professional reading material – it’s not a bad place to start. 

Finally Trevor Cook has an interesting post on one of the challenges of the free world of online media – a lack of regulation means that organizations can use online sites to bypass local legal restrictions. A new challenge for traditional regulation – I wouldn’t hold your breath for the solution.