Agreeing to agree and disagree… the PR big bang

Brian Oberkirch has a very well written post titled “Why your big agency won’t get social media”.

I found myself nodding in agreement through most of the post.

I agree with the vast majority of Brian’s points such as:

  • There are new tools emerging that will impact communications – CHECK
  • Consumer behaviour is changing along with their expectations – CHECK
  • The ‘churn and burn’ agency model is unsustainable – CHECK – in fact it could be argued that the traditional PR agency production line model is at the heart of many of our profession’s ills… but that’s for another day

However, while I agree with many of his points, I still don’t agree with his conclusions.

I still don’t see this communications big bang happening. I still think we’ll see an evolutionary change.

Our business is changing – witness the growing number of in-house practitioners and sole traders – many refugees from the agency world. But I don’t believe that the world is or will change as quickly as many online gurus are projecting.

Instead I think it’ll take time and that will give everyone time to adapt and move on.

Of course I don’t know what the future holds (if I did I wouldn’t be writing for the likes of you) but that’s my guess.

Read Brian’s post. I think he has a lot of great points. And if there’s one thing we agree about. You can never stop learning….