Internet at 30,000 Feet

I've arrived in Seattle this evening flying with SAS via Copenhagen.  I had planned to post this from the plane with the Wireless broadband but unfortunately while I can confirm the Wi-Fi works the power in the seats beside me was broken so I lost my battery before I could get writing.

The wireless is a little spotty, it kicks in an out from time to time, but it's perfect for catching up on e-mail and some web browsing.  The real problem is the access. I was travelling in Economy Plus and with my mini-mainframe Toshiba luggable it's fairly uncomfortable – I can only imagine that in steerage (where I'll be for the return) it's nigh impossible unless you have an Origami type device.

So the broadband works and if you're at the front of the bus then you could get some serious work done.

Very tired… it's very muggy here.