Delivering the New PR – London

It was absolutely great to catch up with the crew at the London leg of the University of Sunderland’s “Delivering the New PR” series. The conference had over 150 delegates in the Marriot Regent’s Park Hotel and the feedback was very positive!

As well as catching up with Neville, Elizabeth, Philip, Chris and Nicky and her crew, it was also great to finally meet David Phillips. Unfortunately Stuart Bruce was unable to attend due to a personal emergency on Friday morning. We missed his presence at the event, and as a result, myself, Neville and Philip manfully tried to do justice to his presentation on Business blogging. I think it went OK, but clearly didn’t have the impact of Stuart doing it himself.

There were loads of great questions at the event (see post above) which suggests many in our profession are doing some serious thinking about how these new tools can enhance the services we provide to our clients – even if there’s limited activity actually underway today.

It seems there’s been some interest in expanding the conference series so we’ll wait and see and as always Nicky and her team did a great job!

Unfortunately things went downhill once I reached Heathrow…

Update:As usual Neville and Philip have comprehensive and insightful posts on the event.