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Thought for today… Hamburgers..

There’s a lot of noise online. There’s a lot of opinions.

I’m very confident that over time people will discover who they trust, who they enjoy and who they want to read.

In the meantime, in the unlikely event you are confused by the volume of information, here’s an analogy I hope is useful when considering the validity of any online opinions.

I like the occasional hamburger. From time to time I purchase and consume the said hamburger.

But just because I purchase it and eat it doesn’t mean that I am an expert on:

  • cattle farming
  • agricultural logistics
  • catering
  • food marketing
  • etc. etc.

It just means I eat them.

If this post has confused you, welcome to the world of blogs!

Written by Tom Murphy

March 9, 2006 at 10:22 am

Posted in General

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