Tag.. I'm going to find out where you live…

Todd Defren… you’ll get yours… 🙂

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  • Packing gifts for on-package promotions
  • Promoting (Bass) beer in bars [try and convince a Guinness drinker in Ireland to try Bass – there ain’t no journalist that comes close to that near death experience]

  • Working on a building site in London [at least I met my wife, though she wasn’t working on the site at the time :-)]

  • One day’s hard labour on a farm during the Summer holidays in my childhood [after seeing the pay rate I decided to change careers]

Four movies I can watch over and over

  • Midnight Run

  • Snatch

  • Lock, stock and two smoking barrels

  • Zulu

NEW CATEGORY: Four movies I HAVE to watch over and over

  • Shrek

  • Shrek 2

  • Wizard of Oz [It isn’t even Christmas]

  • Finding Nemo

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

  • The Office

  • Yes Minister

  • The West Wing

  • Seinfeld

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation

  • Castlegregory, Co. Kerry, Ireland

  • Safari in South Africa

  • Vermont, USA

  • Biarritz, France

Four Favorite Dishes

  • Full Irish Breakfast [getting too old for it]

  • Chicken Tikka Masala [Poppodum in Dublin]

  • Any breakfast dish at the Brooklyn Diner, NYC [Yeah I know touristy, I still enjoy it]

  • Anything at home with the family

Four Websites I Visit Daily

  • Microsoft.com [what d’ya expect?]

  • MSN.com [honestly c’mon give me a break]

  • Ireland.com

  • Unison.ie

Four Places I’d Rather Be

  • At home with the family

  • Sitting outside Murphy’s in Brandon, Co. Kerry, sipping a nice cold beer with friends looking out over the Atlantic.

  • Winter in Bethel, Vermont USA

  • Collecting my lottery winnings

Four people I am Tagging

  • My wife
  • My mammy

  • My dog

  • My cat

Unfortunately their blogs aren’t up yet, so this meme branch ends here….