PR Miscellany – November 7, 2005

Some interesting snippets and views…

  • The first ever large scale survey of European PR bloggers is underway. EUROBLOG 2006 aims to “provide a comprehensive overview of who is using blogs and for what purpose.” More from Fredrik Wacka and Philip Young.

  • John Cass believes that blog relations is not a responsibility of PR – well not traditional PR. While he has a point that the majority of PR people aren’t thinking about blogs, I think blog relations IS a key discipline for PR, it does require a little bit of brain power to adapt to a different engagement model, but let’s be honest it’s not rocket science. (Thanks to Topaz Partners)

  • Brendan Hodgson has an interesting post that suggests how PR may look in the future. (Thanks to Richard Bailey)

  • Shel Holtz takes a very interesting look at the issues and opportunities of attracting good PR talent – and not surprisingly Shel reckons we’re behind.

  • Neville Hobson points to a interesting story on blogging from PR Week.

  • Meanwhile, Alice Marshall links to a prominent blogging story in the Financial Times.

  • Alice also discusses the use of XML in PR. For anyone interested in the subject, there is a PR industry body already working on building PR-specific XML formats. You can find our more about here.

  • Long time PR blogger Elizabeth Abrycht has a number of new initiatives underway including the Society for New Communications Research, see the press release here.

  • Robin Stavinsky has an interesting post on online press rooms and another on RSS.

  • Ben Wilson, one of the PR handlers on the Lions tour to New Zealand earlier this year, recounts his experiences. (Thanks to Richard)

  • Duncan Chapple extends his post on how to manage an analyst crisis.

  • Trevor Cook has some interesting findings from David Davis on what are the most pressing problems for PR people. Fears over job security and mistrust of management promises come in at the top.