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New contact details and the wonder of online love…

For the most part blogging is a solitary online activity (no sniggering down the back), but it’s (for me in any case) made worthwhile through feedback, both positive and negative, from the poor souls who wander innocently onto the HTML pages you see before you.

Recently the comments have been overwhelmingly positive, phrases such as “awesome”, “humourous”, “witty”, “intelligent”, “insightful” etc etc. There’s too many to cover here and I’m simply too modest to share some of them. The funny thing is, all these fan comments and e-mails come from a community I hadn’t originally envisaged as a core audience for a blog on Public Relations and marketing… namely the pr0n industry, spammers and other peddlers of useful rubbish on the Internet. Unfortunately as my IQ does (sometimes) reach double digits, I’ve had to delete these wonderful comments before I could share them with you dear reader. But I just thought you should know there’s millions of spammers out there who love this blog….

On another topic, I’m a big fan of dog food. Not in the culinary sense obviously, though my dog seems to enjoy it, I mean in the sense of using the products and services of your employer, and so you’ll notice there’s a new primary e-mail address for all correspondence and it’s also my MSN IM ID. tpemurphy AT hotmail DOT com. I’ll continue to check the other account for a while but then I’ll get lazy…. and will probably miss all those opportunities to win millions of dollars online…

Written by Tom Murphy

November 4, 2005 at 12:33 pm

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