Alive and kicking…

I’ve had a few e-mail and comments wondering if I’m still alive – this message should clear that up 🙂

Thanks for everyone who has been in touch. As you can imagine I’ve been a little busy lately getting my feet under a shiny new desk, hence posting has been slower than I’d like.

I’ll hopefully be back posting more regularly in the coming weeks. Also a big thanks for everyone who took some time to comment on the PR Hype Cycle, I’m planning to make some changes to the diagram based on that feedback and will hopefully re-publish it in the near future.

I’ve also had some correspondence discussing whether I’ll be talking about life at Microsoft and the answer is yes and no. In my previous existence I only wrote about Cape Clear when I thought there was something relevant to discuss for the PR world. I am planning to take a similar line now.

Thanks again to everyone who has been in touch. Hopefully the power of RSS will let you know I’m alive an kicking!