PR Miscellany – August 10, 2005

I am having RSS-induced guilt. All this unread PR content… maybe I should just stop taking vacation….

  • Colin McKay points to a very interesting “Crisis Response and Communications Planning” manual prepared by the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph in Canada for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

  • Excuse me as I sit back and reminisce for a moment. When I started this blog there were only a handful of PR people blogging and one of the first was Phil Gomes. It turns out Phil has landed a new job at Edelman where he will be “Senior Counsel, Online Communications”. Heartfelt congratulations to Phil and to Edelman.

  • Phil also has a post on the latest corporation to take the heavy handed (and myopic) approach to effective media relations. More on Google’s misdirected PR efforts here. Here’s a recent post that outlines my views on this practice.

  • Jim Horton takes a shot at critically analyzing the Future of Media Relations. The PDF is available here.

  • On a related subject, Chen PR‘s Randy Wambald has some comments on the evolving nature of media relations today.

  • McClenahan Bruer have an interesting marketing measurement case study from Textronix. You can even request a copy of the slides.

  • Issue #57 of For Immediate Release, the world’s foremost PR podcast :-), is now available for download.

  • PR blogger, Steve Lubetkin is interviewed in the New Jersey Star Ledger providing some sound advice to PR professionals who find themselves unemployed.

  • TM Writes: This post highlights the danger of not paying the correct attention to detail. Andrew Smith kindly pointed out this story is from (ahem) five years ago. My sincere apologies to Firefly [Website]Now this is one of those time-sensitive posts that will in the next few days probably become irrelevant. It seems UK PR firm Firefly has gotten into something of a ruckus with our favorite irreverent IT pub The Register, who questions the validity of findings that Firefly are the UK’s #1 agency with journalists. At the time of writing the Firefly site (as referenced in the story) is down. The Google approach is gathering momentum.
  • BL Ochman compares the blogging policies of IBM and Sun. [IBM’s public policy | Sun’s public policy]

  • Duncan Chapple shares four very accurate myths about Analyst Relations.

  • The Dallas Morning News has a story on how firms are increasingly recognizing the potential of blogs.

  • A little off topic, but an interesting story from CNET on the top ten flops of the bubble. This is certainly of interest for those of us with a morbid fascination in that extraordinary period. The top five are Webvan,, Kozmo, Flooz and eToys.