PR Miscellany – July 14, 2005

  • The Financial Times reports on a study that found that European politicians need to do a better job communicating online. [Thanks to Drew for the link]
  • There’s been a lot of action in the Analyst Relations side of the house recently. Duncan Chapple reports that fifteen former Meta Group analysts have set up a new analyst firm in Germany called Meton Group.
  • OK it’s a little off topic but is anyone happy with the news that Siemens and Airbus have done a deal to allow mobile phones on airplanes? Does anyone really want to sit on a twelve hour flight listening to “funny” ring tones and people screaming into their phones? Can you imagine how awful this will be, when for the first year after this system is in place you will hear everyone start with “Yeah I’m ringing you from the plane…”. Lord help us. [Thanks to Rainier PR]
  • David Parmet has some sympathy for how PR people track the media at trade shows…
  • Rene Blodgett has a good post on how we can measure the performance of corporate blogs.