The use of Internal blogs…

As part of the IAOC’s European blog week, I posted a brief outline of how we’re using blogs internally here at Cape Clear.

We use blogs internally for three general applications:

  • Internal Communications
    Although our intranet was not created using blog software, it has since 1999, been published using the same format as a blog with plain HTML files published in reverse chronological order. The intranet looks like a blog and it inclues entries on everything that’s happening within the organization. It provides a single source of information on every event, press releases, news story, initiative as well as personal milestones such as new babies, weddings etc….
  • Collaboration
    Our engineering organization has been using blogs since 2002 as part of their development process. There are a number of active blogs covering a range of subject areas such as discussions on new features and updates on specific projects. The blogs ensure that all our engineers are current on the status of any project and have an opportunity to participate in the engineering planning process. We also have specific blogs for different product releases which are archive once the product is shipped….
  • Knowledge Management
    We use a number of internal blogs as central repositories for information on a specific topic. These differ from the development blogs because instead of focusing on a project they act as a single point of access for stories, resources etc. on the a specific technology area….

You can find the full post here.