PR Miscellany – May 30, 2005 (Updated)

Memorial day in the US and Spring Holiday in the UK which will mean a quieter day than usual in the blog cloud…

 Tim Jackson is a student of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.  As part of his coursework he is conducting an online study exploring blogging and public relations. The deadline for the survey is June 03, 2005. Why not participate by clicking here – it only takes a couple of minutes.

 Our pre-eminent Australian PR blogger, Trevor Cook, of Corporate Engagement PR blog fame, has launched a new site: ‘Blogging and Podcasting in Australia‘ with loads of related stories, opinions, links and content. 

 David Parmet points to an interesting opinion piece by Jonathan Carson, CEO of Buzz Metrics on why PR agencies should own word of mouth iniatives. He’s right on two fronts.  Firstly that word-of-mouth should be a key element of Public relations, and secondly that PR is not taking ownership of these emerging disciplines…..



 Speaking of word of mouth, Hans Kullin makes a very good point on the potential of blogs to highlight poor customer service. 


 Don Crowther looks at that most annoying element of Public Relations… dealing with prima donnas.


 The MS&L blog has details on their (in conjunction PR Week) 2005 Marketing Management Survey. Among the findings are that:

  • PR has made enormous strides “in dealing with audience fragmentation using such tools as influencers, the web, and in particular, blogs.”
  • Marketers continue to look at alternatives to traditional advertising, and PR is taking a bigger role in helping companies find those alternatives — quickly.

I have to say that those findings surprise me… 


You can download the report (PDF) here.


 Stuart Bruce points to an article in the UK Observer newspaper by John Naughton that takes a (thankfully) measured look at the intersection of blogging and journalism without the usual claptrap about blogs ending the world as we know it.


“Blogging won’t wipe out journalism, for the simple reason that journalism requires skills and resources that bloggers will never have. But it will improve the practice of our trade. I don’t expect that Pulitzer-winning Dave will like this prospect much. But he’ll just have to get used to it.”

 The latest installment of Bacon’s Expert PR newsletter in on-line with articles on presentations, writing skills and a variety of magazine profiles.

 The latest issue of RLM PR‘s Full Frontal Report newsletter is out.


I get sent e-mail newsletters which aren’t posted online or worse the online archive is a couple of months behind the current issue.  If you’re hoping that a blogger or other outlet will pick-up on one of your stories you must post it online (for the love of Jebus).