PR Miscellany – May 10, 2005

 Constantin Basturea has put together a fantastic resource with links to the more interesting PR news of the day… it may render PR Miscellany unnecessary.

 Shel Israel has some very interesting interviews with Shel Holtz and Richard Edelman over at the Red Couch.

 Nick Denton has some refreshingly fortright views in this New York Times interview on Gawker and the whole blog phenomenon:

“The (blog) hype comes from unemployed or partially employed marketing professionals and people who never made it as journalists wanting to believe,” he said. “They want to believe there’s going to be this new revolution and their lives are going to be changed.”

 Randy Schwartz over at SearchViews asks are blogs the future of Corporate PR.

 Morgan McLintic asks should PR firms ghost-write client blog posts.

 Insulting the interviewer is always a great way to get a good interview… or so Paris Hilton believes [Courtesy of Topaz Partners]