PR Miscellany – May 05, 2005

 Jeremy Pepper has a great interview with Dan Gillmor, former San Jose Mercury News Tech luminary, author of the wonderful We the Media, contributor to the Financial Times and latterly founder of Grassroots Media Inc.

“Just that I would encourage people to understand that this is all still fairly new, and people are starting to get it in a significant way in the news business and in the PR business.

It�s going to take a lot of trial and error to get it right, but the best thing for people in traditional industries is to not try to control it � or to “harness” the power of citizen media. In the physical world, to harness means, for example, to throw a bridle over a horse�s head and fight with the horse to where it�s going to go. That�s not what I want to do, nor what anyone else should be trying to do. It�s about working with, and paying attention, to the blogs and grassroots.

It�s a conversation.”

 Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal has a guide to using RSS. [Thanks to Mike Manuel for the link]

 New and Notable: a new PR blog from Ken Kerrigan called InPeRspective.

 More accusations of possible impropriety in the award of a government PR contract and here’s another one for a public schools PR contract.

 Speaking of possible impropriety in government PR circles….

 In the latest move towards transparency in journalism 🙂 Fast Company magazines asks its readers to pick the winner from three recent PR pitches.