RSS… really simple stuff for PR…

 Fergus Burns at Nooked points to a post written by Nick Aster at SiliconValley Watcher on RSS for Dummies

“RSS is so great because it frees you from having to deal with slow-performing websites, flashing ads, poor site navigation and other hazards. You can have content sent to you instead, like a well-organized piece of email. Because an RSS reader can alert you to new entries, it’s great for following the news or finding out when your competitor has posted something new on their website.”


 Meanwhile an indication on the rude health and growth of RSS is the report from  the New York Times that the number of pageviews driven by RSS jumped by 342% year on year (see more in the media story above).


 David Berlind at ZDNet has a piece on the vexed question of how to measure RSS:

“At the very least, even with the technologies we have here at CNET Networks, I can tell how many people are subscribing.  But, absent of knowing how many people are listening, I�m not sure what that�s worth when you consider the fact that it�s so easy to subscribe and unlike with most newspapers, it�s free.”


 Elizabeth Albrycht points to some tips from Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Insider on getting RSS on your website.


 Finally, PR blogger Dee Rambeau of DVCO Technology was in touch to let me know that over fifty companies are currently in the process of deploying RSS feeds in their news rooms using PR Newswire’s MediaRoom service which is powered by Dee’s company.