PR Miscellany – April 18th 2005

More on lovely VNRs..

 Further to the story on VNRs below, a report from an investigation into the now infamous Armstrong Williams affair has found that senior education department officials showed poor judgement..


Blog relations..

 Shel Israel has posted an interesting story on how English bespoke tailor Thomas Mahon has been blogging and enjoying a significant business boom.  It also talks about how PR blogger David Parmet recently undertook a very successful New York media tour with Thomas.  


PR Content..

 Jeremy Pepper looks at how the essence of good Public Relations still depends on good content.



 Shel and Neville have release episode #24 of For Immediate Release, their excellent series of PR podcasts.


Eating one’s own dog food..

 Interesting story in the Philadelphia Business Journal on how PR firm FCF Schmidt as using PR and integrated marketing to boost their business. Now if only they could get rid of the Flash on their website…