PR Misc – March 01, 2005

 Trevor Cook has a very thoughtful opinion piece on the recent spate of PR- and Media-related cash for comment scandals.


 Another PR CEO blogger joins the growing ranks.  Steven Blinn, President and CEO of BlinnPR has kicked off a blog.


 Parry Headrick was in touch with me about a new PR service being launched by SHIFT Communications.  They are planning to offer clients a PR/Sales Extranet where a client’s sales people can find the latest news, press coverage, competitive information etc. Sounds like an interesting service, albeit fraught with dificulty.  Ensuring a client’s sales people will take advantage of the resources will require a lot of work on the client-side.  However, SHIFT deserve plaudits for trying to push PR’s contribution to the sales process.


 The Portland Press Herald has an article on the importance for PR in management. It’s a useful beginner’s guide to PR.


 John Strauber provides an alternative review of Denise Deegan‘s book Managing Activism: A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups”.  He is unimpressed.

“As someone who has spent the last decade investigating the seamy side of the “perceptions management” industry, I wish I could tell you that this book is a gold mine of revelation, but for me it is not. Still, I recommend that my fellow citizens read this book. It is written in classroom text-like fashion, and the author is careful to put the best face on her profession and not include advice that might offend the atypical reader. Nevertheless, it can help people working for democratic social change to understand the often successful ways in which we are targeted for defeat, especially the “good cop/bad cop” tactic for dividing and conquering activists through “partnering” and co-optation by industry. For activists, Deegan’s book provides a primer on how to recognize these traps and hopefully avoid them.”