Blogging Planet launches…

As I wrote yesterday the marketing environment continues to evolve and blogs are one of the tools that are assisting in that process of change.

One of the major benefits of blogging – either writing or reading – is that it creates informal networks of like-minded people all around the “Interweb”. On a personal level I’ve built a whole range of informal relationships through these very web pages.

An even better example of the blog’s ability to bring people together is a new company that launched yesterday.  Blogging Planet aims to provide:

“… counsel and training to organizations in Europe and the United States on how to effectively adopt new communications tools such as business blogging, wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts, and more for a wide variety of corporate functions, including corporate communications, marketing, public relations, employee communications and investor relations.”

Three of the individuals behind Blogging Planet will be well known to anyone who reguarly reads PR-related blogs: Elizabeth Albrycht, Guillaume de Gardier, Neville Hobson.

I’d like to wish them all the best in their new endeavour.