Fired for no RSS…. don't be silly

Does anyone spot the irony of Robert Scoble‘s rant on RSS, which is probably the meme of the week so far?

Briefly, in case you missed it, Scoble makes the assertion that if you have a marketing website without RSS then you should be fired.  At the end of his post  Scoble admits that Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, has just added RSS feeds to its press room. Now if the world’s largest software company has only just added RSS feeds to its newsroom that probably gives you a good idea of the maturity of RSS.

RSS offers a wide range of benefits, which I won’t bore you by going into again (check out the links below).  It will ultimately be a tier-one communication channel for every company and individual, but it’s not there yet.

PR and marketing people are beginning to look at the potential of RSS.  Technology companies are offering RSS feeds in increasing numbers, but these are still early adopters. 

How long before companies outside the early adopters start using RSS?  It’s anyone’s guess but it will be a while. All new technologies require push and pull.

So don’t fret that you’ve missed the RSS boat, you haven’t.  There’s plenty of time and now is as good a time as any to start evaluating a technology that promises to make communication with your audience more effective.

If you work for a PR firm or a technology company then this is a reminder that you really do need to understand RSS and look into implementing it.

In the meantime let’s add some more reality.