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Why I love PR Friday…..

Steven Phenix, a PR practitioner in Austin Texas, who is the owner of another new PR blog has been in touch regarding an idea he’s had in kick starting a grass roots campaign to “help raise the perception of the public relations industry?”.

He says:

“I’m growing tired of defending my avocation and I’m concerned that the actions of one agency might ultimately affect the fortunes of us all.  I’m also concerned that as Congress goes forward with its investigation that the reputation of the industry will further decline.”


His plan is as follows:

“So this Friday I’m proposing that all of us in the PR blogging community devote a post-or two-to why we are necessary, how we make an impact or to simply what we respect and love about this industry.  My hope is that our contributions will create somewhat of a buffer zone of online goodwill that will hold up no matter what befalls us next.”

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I’m not telling you what to write. rnNor am I asking you to even link this campaign back to me or my blog rn(though I wouldn’t fight you if you did). rnHowever, for the online unity of this campaign, please include the phrase rn"PR is necessary…" and the following tags:



href="" rel="tag">Public rnrelations</a>, <a href="" rnrel="tag">PR</a>, <a href="" rnrel="tag">Advertising</a>, <a rnhref="" rnrel="tag">Marketing</a><p></p>



Additionally, if you have suggestions on how to improve on this campaign, rnplease don’t hesitate to contact me.





“,1] ); //–>

Now from reading his blog,  I suspect Steven has a dual purpose here, however, it’s all in a good cause. So I’m in.


If anyone wants to post their opinions, but they don’t have a blog, I’m happy to post them here on your behalf.


Lemme know….



Written by Tom Murphy

February 3, 2005 at 1:36 pm

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