PR Misc – February 2, 2005

First up some interesting content if you’re in the mood for a read…

 For anyone dealing with industry analysts Tekrati is a fantastic resource. They’ve just published the first part of a report on The State of Analyst Weblogs – currently only 10% of the 350 analyst firms they track have well established blogs.

 Alice Marshall provided a link to Lois Armbash’s blog Metaforix. She has some excellent notes and thoughts from the Forum last week as well as a range of other interesting posts.

 Greg Brooks points out an interesting article on positioning over at Don Crowther’s 101 Public Relations which uses airlines to provide real-world examples.

 Last, but by no means least, a blog that has already been widely covered but one which I only got around to reading today.  Margot Wallstrom is Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication at the European Commission.  In effect, she’s responsible for ensuring that the Commission improves its communication with over 450 million Europeans – and as one of them, I can confirm that is a major challenge. Her blog is a breath of fresh air, amidst the usual humdrum of European local and regional bureaucrats. The fact that she’s prepared to provide a human side to her work, bodes well for us all.

Onto other news…

  I hadn’t spotted this previously, but it appears that the Portland Development Commission’s investment arm is in deep water over a leaked PR memo.

“Its suggestions aren�t always subtle. As a response to the possible criticism that the PFF-funded Armory project in the Pearl District is over budget and out of control, the memo says, �Change the subject and create messages about the leading-edge energy systems.�

  My mother always taught me that what goes around comes around.  It’s a lesson I learned early and have enjoyed watching it happen again and again and again in my personal and professional life.  Max Clifford, the leading UK publiscist, who masterminds a disprorportionate number of tabloid sleaze episodes will have to pay �100,000 compensation to some of his previous victims. I’m sure for Max the sum of �100,000 is a pittance, but it’s the principle that made me smile.