Re-inventing the ad…

Ah yes, the emperor has new clothes.  They are lovely. 

Now repeat after me: “The emperor has new clothes”.

According to Chanel, the new (ahem) film that promotes Chanel No.5, on commerical television, where they bought the air time, isn’t actually an advert.

You see there you go with your presumptions again. 

Just because a company buys air time and plays a “film” in that air time, that promotes a product, that doesn’t mean it is an advert.  Oh no.  That’s soooo 1990’s of you.

No in the 21st century we call them films.

Have you ever heard such a pile of manure in your lives?

‘It’s a film, not an advert,” the Chanel publicist says, firmly.

“As he says himself, Baz Luhrmann doesn’t do adverts.”

Well I suppose in truth the film is not a advert it is a clever PR campaign. 

Chanel has got a lot of good ink from this “is it a film or is it an ad” rubbish. That has probably paid for the ad’s production in itself.

Clever marketing or artistic fervour it all adds up to column inches. Unfortunately.