PR Misc – November 22, 2004

 Dan Forbush over at PR Newswire’s MediaInsider has kicked off an idea for Global PR Wiki Day:

“Our “content mission” in this experiment will be to establish areas of consensus among 30 PR bloggers with respect to the  proliferation of micro media five, ten and 20 years into the future. This study will be led by an expert in scenario planning. The expert will give us a simple scenario to which we’ll respond on our own respective blogs on the same day. We’ll pull the 30 responses into the project wiki. Then we’ll all go into the wiki and evaluate Delphi-style the predictions made by our colleagues.”

 Steve Rubel has unearthed a great little online utility that will give you your website’s ranking on Google for any term you wish to enter. It’s called BlogPosition.

 Neville Hobson covers a new report on corporate reputation in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. So what are the most visible companies in the three countries? L’Oreal, Porsche and Virgin respectively. And while it’s a great illustration of the differences in European markets, it’s interesting that Microsoft is in the top four in each country. That’s an amazing performance.

 Richard Bailey tells us that SpinWatch has kicked off. It’s the UK equivalent of PRWatch.

 Alice Marshall gives everyone a timely reminder about the best format for e-mail. I always recommend that, given the diversity of the Internet, you should always cater for the lowest common denominator…

 On a related matter, Amy Gahan chides those who insist on hosting PDF press releases on their website. Amy has a great point. The best format for press releases online is pure old HTML.  I think it’s fine to offer a PDF version for printing, as long as the plain HTML is available as well.

 Darren Barefoot and Roland Tanglao recently gave a talk on building website with weblogs and RSS.  Their presentation is available online.

 Mike Manuel covers the re-launch of Release 1.0 post its purchase by CNET.

 Shel Holtz asks the question: which PR metrics are the best?