PR Misc – November 16, 2004

 MediaInsider has an interesting case study on a crisis communications planning exercise which used new technology to alert and bring together participants at a “test” crisis.

 Marc Snyder, who is back blogging again, points to the ZDNET UK’s ever vengeful Rupert Goodwins and his latest PR run-in, this time a press release on a T-Shirt. I kid you not. No wonder he’s angry…

 As showcased by the “press release on a T-Shirt” episode, there’s a thin line between innovation and disaster.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide which particular category this  Flash CV fits into….

 Elizabeth Albrycht has discovered the Social Customer Manifesto. Great idea, but I wouldn’t be waiting for companies to sign up…

 I see that one of the world’s most interesting PR accounts is up for review. Amazon is one of the brands most firms would die for.

 While this is quite anti-PR, I have to admit that this Washington Post piece by Gene Weingarten raised a smile this morning.  After all ANYONE who refers to themselves as “Mr. PR” deserves everything they get….