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PR blogs… the volume is rising…

When you go away for a couple of days, trying to catch up with blog reading is a major task even using RSS.  I have always wondered when does a blog move from being useful to providing too much content? Does it ever?

Mike Manuel has done some interesting, albeit non-scientific research on the volume of PR blogging.

I’m not sure volume is the best indicator.  There are a wide range of different posting habits among the PR blogs. For example, Jim Horton only posts once a day, but his posts are insightful and valuable. At the other end of the spectrum you have Trevor, Neville, Robb and Steve who have fantastic multiple posts every day and then a group in the middle.

I read and enjoy them all, but I’m not sure there’s one formula that’s better than the other. 

I started the PR Misc postings some time ago as a means of providing a lot of links to relevant information without putting in individual posts. I wonder is that the best approach or should every link have its own posting?

Who knows? Do you care? Probably not…..


By the way I had a staggering response to my call for PR blog case studies. Yes indeed we had one response. So there are three scenarios:

  1. No one is pitching blogs
  2. No one wants to share their experiences
  3. No one reads this blog

All three are strong possibilities at this point.

Written by Tom Murphy

November 15, 2004 at 8:54 am

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