New PR blog and some PR blog tips

I should say from the outset that although the last few week’s postings may suggest otherwise, PR Opinions is not a blog about blogs but rather a blog about Public Relations. It just so happens that the avalanche of blog-related content seems to be taking over the world at the moment.

It’s a little like a blog bubble, though hopefully when it bursts we all won’t return to hand coding web pages….

 The UK Guardian had a story last week on the Terrifying power of bloggers*. It makes for interesting reading.

Fortunately in most other sections of the media, attitudes towards blogging – and online journalism in general – couldn’t be more different. Not only are major news organisations rolling out blogs of their own, but in the past 12 months the influence of bloggers over their print, television and radio counterparts has grown massively.”

 A new blog on Tech PR has joined the growing ranks. Matthew Podboy, a colleague of Mike Manuel has started a blog called Active Voice.

 Meanwhile, Beaupre & Co. provide five tips to get blogging into your PR programs.

“Blogs equipped with RSS (real simple syndication) feeds provide a great alternative channel for distributing corporate information out into the world. RSS, sometimes called a �webfeed,� is an easy, low-cost mechanism for publishing snippets of content which people can subscribe to.”


Thanks to Philip Young for the link to the Guardian story

Thanks to Trevor Cook, Steve Rubel and Mike Manuel for the other links.

* The Guardian now requires free online registration, however I’ve included it because I believe that if you’re reading content online then you should sign up for free registrations to the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times and the Guardian at the very least!