Don't forget your RSS…

The recent deluge of content being generated about every conceivable aspect of blogging (is anyone getting bored yet?) has been pushing poor RSS into the background.  Anyone who reads PR Opinions regularly will know my penchant for RSS, which in many ways can be more useful than blogs for every day research.

One of the particular things I’ve noticed is that the choice of an RSS reader is incredibly personal and subjective. 

While many (Windows) people swear by Newsgator which adds RSS feeds to Outlook, I wouldn’t use it in a fit.  Outlook is busy enough already with 1,000 spams a day thank you.

Some people prefer reading their RSS feeds in their browser or online reader and others prefer a desktop based reader such as FeedReader. If you’re interested in RSS feeds I recommend you try a whole range of readers and see which type you prefer.

One example of an online version is the Rocket RSS Reader. It’s relatively new, free and is worth a look if you like reading RSS online.