New association for online communicators…

A new association has been formed called the International Association of Online Communicators.

Its mission is:

“The International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) is dedicated to promoting and preserving the open and free communication that has been the foundation of the Internet community. Its purpose is to provide a network through which practitioners and educators can share knowledge and ideas. The Association is a place where Internet content creators and publicists can join together to define and advance their roles in this emerging professional arena.

It’s in its formative stages but is an interesting project.

My biggest question is what will this organization provide that isn’t already provided by well-established groups such as PRSA, IABC etc.

Online communication is increasingly important, of that there is no question, however the IAOC will have to define and demonstrate their value to succeed.  Having said that, a quick glance at people who have expressed an interest in joining the group makes for impressive reading.

Thanks to Phil for the link.