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New PR blog and a few questions for Agency Analytics

Another PR blogger has entered the fray. Elizabeth Albrycht has launched the CorporatePR blog.

Among her most recent posts she tackles the Agency Analytics post from last week.  As a small agency owner, Elizabeth has some interesting views on the proposition and her questions seem to reinforce my view that for “Agency Measurement” to be a success you have to engage with the Agencies.

“Corporations today are rightly skeptical of PR agency performance, given the bad, sometimes downright unethical practices that occured during the tech boom. Demanding accountability and performance measurement is their right. However, as many many academics, practioners and others have written about PR — it is inherently difficult to measure. And I fail to see how timesheeting and billing practices are the key to success here. As an agency owner, I would demand to know the details of the methodology before I let any of their auditors muck about.”

Written by Tom Murphy

September 25, 2003 at 7:54 am

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