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Commentary of Microsoft's latest PR onslaught

Microsoft is a fantastic case study on the power of effectively managed and implemented Public Relations.  Their business was built on PR.

I did some work for Microsoft outside North America, way back in the sands of time, and I have never, in twelve years of high tech PR, seen any company with the systems and processes Microsoft have to keep their PR machine moving.

However our world moves in cycles and according to Jon Oltstik who writes in CNET, Microsoft’s latest PR blitz around security will not be enough to stop the damage. He argues that what’s required is less PR and more engineering effort. And I find myself agreeing with him.

For every PR win Microsoft achieves around security they will lose any gained ground once the next vunerability appears. It’s a losing strategy until the products match the rhetoric. PR can’t fix what is clearly broken.

“Money won�t win this war. Nor will additional security tools or yet another PR blitz. People are already voting with their pocketbooks buying more and more Linux–and security is a big reason why.”

Link courtesy of G2B Group blog

Written by Tom Murphy

September 25, 2003 at 8:03 am

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