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Postings have been a little sparse of late as I am currently travelling to a range of interesting places and meeting a range of interesting people.

However, back to business.

It’s interesting to see how the media percieve PR people and the UK Guardian (whom the rumor mill has suggested are looking at launching a US version of the newspaper to follow up on the popularity of their Gulf War II coverage) has a piece by Paul Carr,  the editor of UK site, The Friday Thing, about how music companies don’t really get the online medium. It’s a rather sad account of “viral marketing” actually.

I was also interested to see that the spate of corporate crises over the past twenty four months is encouraging journalists to adopt some of the same PR tactics that we recommend in a crisis.  Bill Breen in this month’s Fast Company pens a mea culpa in follow up to a glowing review of EDS a couple of years ago that has turned out rather differently.

Like any good PR pro, Bill gets all the bad news out on his own terms.  It reads very well.

“Our rather optimistic account elicited a sharp observation from my dad.  As EDS’s stock swooned, my father joked that he was going to start shorting my articles.  That once really hurt.”

Written by Tom Murphy

August 27, 2003 at 3:48 am

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