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The flame war that isn't…

As you might have read in the comments to my earlier posting, about his anti-PR rant on the I-Blog discussion list, Rick Bruner has posted a long and detailed rebuttal.

He’s expecting a flame war, but I can’t give him one. Here’s why.

I still think his posting to the I-Blog list was insulting.  He calls it “irony” I don’t. I also have a major problem with Rick’s use of rash generalizations to carry his argument, e.g.:

“Sure, a handful of PR visionaries are blogging to date, but so far as I can see, they’re all blogging about PR. They’re not actually blogging for PR. IDC is using RSS to syndicate its press releases. But beyond that? “

There are loads of companies delivering news feeds over RSS, IDC is only a recent example and there are also a large number of examples of PR driven weblogs.  I don’t do a lot of self-promotion on this blog, but Cape Clear for example, has had exactly this kind of blog for over a year.

However,  Rick’s posting is well written and well reasoned and how ever much I wanted to disagree with it, I found myself nodding in agreement with much of what he wrote.

I agree that we are behind the ball on the Internet in general and blogging in particular.

What his writing does not recognize is that PR people are stepping into the breech. I agree it’s not fast enough, I agree we should own the web, be experts on search engine optimization etc. etc. You can’t argue with any of that. Fair play.

I just wish he’d stop kicking the poor old dog. In the words of my compatriot Oscar Wilde:

“If they have not opened the eyes of the blind, they have at least given great encouragement to the short-sighted, and while their leaders may have all the inexperience of old age, their young men are far too wise to be ever sensible.”

PS: Rick also correctly points out I referenced the wrong Cow in my earlier post, it is of course the Raging Cow, not the Purple Cow.  Seth Godin wouldn’t be a happy camper. But I am sticking to my guns that the Raging Cow incident sucked.

Written by Tom Murphy

August 21, 2003 at 5:02 pm

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