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KD Paine & Partners – The kings of spam…

Back in May I had a little rant about a PR-services firm that kept spamming me.

Now I actually like PR newsletters, as long as there’s some value in them. I happily receive newsletter from 10-15 firms.

Where I get antsy is when there’s no value or all the links are to subscriber-only content.  Then I have to ask why are you sending this to me?

Well KD Paine & Partners insist on sending their newsletter “the measurement standard” to my inbox and guess what, all the links require me to pay.

I held off naming them in my rant in May, but as they feel free to spam me, I am now implementing my right to name and shame.

I have asked KD Paine & Partners three times to unsubscribe me and I still keep on getting their newsletter.  Furthermore, and far more worryingly, the latest newsletter came in via an obscure e-mail address on the Cape Clear website, so that means KD Paine & Partners are clearly spamming PR and marketing people.

Can I use this forum to suggest that KD Paine & Partners review their e-mail policy.

Does anyone else spot the irony that a self-styled PR measurement guru doesn’t even measure the response to their own newsletter?

I welcome your thoughts and if anyone is talking to them, feel free to point them here.  That might be one way of getting off their mailing list…. maybe

Written by Tom Murphy

June 25, 2003 at 2:12 pm

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