The dreaded educated consumer…

The Internet has created an environment where information flows freely and anyone can quickly and easily research most topics.  That has inherent risks for organizations.  Your ability to control information has been significantly reduced.

We are also seeing new phenomena such as the Educated Consumer. Your customers are now able to research your product or service from every angle.  They know what you’re saying, what the media are saying and even what your competitiors and customers are saying.

We are reaching a point where consumers may even know your product better than you.  That’s a huge challenge for any organization.

However, there is an upside.  Research has never been easier or more cost-effective.  You can reach customers and partners online and conduct detailed desk research in a fraction of the time. Harnessing the tools of the trade is a step in the right direction and iMedia has an article by Underscore Marketing on the Future of Online Research.