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Tom Murphy

Wed, 18 Dec 2002 12:13:04 GMT

Your mission (as a PR professional) should you wish to accept it, is to understand how, why and when your audience(s) find information and use information. We seem to be in a temporary lull in terms of understanding how online and offline come together.

During the dotcom boom we all drank the Kool Aid, the Internet was taking over, we’d be working, communicating, socializing and shopping online without leaving our warm beds. Then the crash came, the Internet didn’t look so attractive anymore, maybe it was a fad after all.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. PR people will communicate online and offline, with both environments playing a major role in your communications activities.

While we understand offline pretty well, we still need to hone our online understanding and how the two intersect.

Among the questions we have to answer are what tactics work, where are the audience and what do they want?

It’s further complicated by the fact that different markets and geographies will most probably have different habits.

With that in mind, the New York Times has a fantastic piece on how retailers are finding that getting the online – offline mix correct is critical to the success of their business.

“..the fastest growth appears to be coming from retailers that have mastered how to use the Internet in conjunction with catalogs, stores or both.”

Written by Tom Murphy

December 18, 2002 at 1:13 pm

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