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Tom Murphy

Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:33:01 GMT

I have stumbled across a fantastic story that I am amazed I haven’t seem posted elsewhere.

The November 2002 issue of Inc has a cover story entitled “Are you a tough enough boss?” accompanied of a photo of Thomas Charlton, CEO of Tidal Software.

The story has some outrageous quotes and anecdotes and tells of how Charlton broke into cupboards, forced long hours and a whole range of other stuff he did to ‘revitalize’ the company. He comes out of the story a little too testosterone for me but…

I head over to Tidal Software’s website and bing! there’s an announcement that the company’s founder Gary Leight has taken over as Tidal Software’s CEO on November 8 2002!!! While Charlton’s face is plastered on the front of every copy of Inc.

But worse there’s NO mention of why, how, or where Charlton is. He’s been purged from the website (including Google’s cache).

The message board at Inc is full of lively comment and even includes a posting purportedly from Shelly Gordon the external PR consultant for Tidal. But while she says that the article misrepresented Charlton she doesn’t mention his disappearance from the company.

Anyone know any more? It’s intriguing!

Written by Tom Murphy

November 13, 2002 at 5:33 pm

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