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Tom Murphy

Wed, 06 Nov 2002 14:35:07 GMT

The technology industry’s global bellweather event continues to feel the effects of globally reduced marketing budgets. Comdex is still shrinking, less vendors, less floorspace and the organizers are still manfully bailing water by boldly stating visitor numbers will remain even with last year. Sure they will.

Comdex was the focal point for more wasted marketing dollars than any other seven days in the calendar. There’s no doubt it hosted many of the the tech industry’s most important announcements, parties and keynotes, but right now I don’t think it figures in the plans of many vendors. When companies like Gateway and IBM have dropped their exhibition stands for hotel room suites (even if we’re talking Vegas suites!) it’s time to try and re-energize Comdex, not just milk the same old format.

Getting your point across
When you’re looking to create that killer quote, it’s always useful to remember the use of color, imagery and humor. How about the headline from AdAge that more U.S. homes have outhouses (671,000) than TiVos (504,000 to 514,000)! Excellent – I have remembered that statistic at least twice as long as any other I’ve heard in the past six months!

Written by Tom Murphy

November 6, 2002 at 3:35 pm

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