Fri, 23 Aug 2002 09:09:37 GMT

Dan Gillmor, Phil Gomes and the blog as the corporate communications medium

Interesting piece in Dan Gillmor’s blog on PR and blogging. In the piece, which highlight’s Phil Gomes and his recent article on blogging, Mr. Gillmor recommends that companies look at encouraging CEO’s to undertake blogs – as he points out that corporate web sites rarely provide the information he and his colleagues are looking for in putting together a story.

So he suggests blogs as a means of letting people know what’s new at the company and on the website. Good advice.

So what are the chances of your CEO writing a blog? Minute? So how about you as the corporate communicator managing the blog? Or for you as the consultant offering it as a service? Think through that one.

On Mr. Gillmor’s comment on Web site press rooms, the best advice I have heard on the design goals for an online press room is that is should: “Provide everything a journalist needs to write a feature on your company without contacting you.”

How many of us can claim that? [Comments?]