Fri, 23 Aug 2002 08:56:53 GMT

Mmmm…I see from your CV…
The PR profession draws from every walk to life. The varied nature of the different industries we represent creates opportunities for very different people to succeed in this profession and that diversity is a real strength.

Yesterday, the British Guardian carried a story about a PR practitioner who has been accused (only accused) of insider trading. My first reaction was that given our profession’s access to sensitive information prior to public disclosure we have a remarkably good record at behaving ethically. It’s rare to hear of a PR person being accused of insider trading, in fact I can’t recall an instance.

But the story has even more color than I first thought, the PR professional in question, Tim Blackstone, has a coloful personal and professional past. He is the brother of the British arts minister, Lady Blackstone and he started as a PR consultant following a career in financial journalism and prior to that was a soft porn actor.

Don’t you love the diversity of this business?

Further coverage at the BBC.