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Tom Murphy

Wed, 03 Jul 2002 07:31:46 GMT

Utilizing the power of the blog….
Phil Gomes recently recieved feedback on his ExpertPR article on blogging asking has he ever actually used blogging for clients.

Well here’s an example of successful PR blogging. A couple of months ago, Google released the APIs to their search engine as a Web Service. Obviously this was very interesting to our company as a Web Services vendor. Some guys in marketing came up with an application for the Google API using Web Services… they created Googlemail 🙂 Now you can send an e-mail to with your search terms in the subject line and it will send you back the top ten results from Google.

Whilst not exactly changing the direction of the industry, it’s a nice example of how easily you can create useful Web Services and it actually has some useful applications such as the ability to store searches, access searches from handhelds etc. We promoted Googlemail through relevant weblogs and have had over 30,000 different people using it. It’s also generated quite a bit of ink. The fact that we contacted bloggers with an interest in this area, opened it to their readers and to other bloggers and quite quickly the word spread. It was an interesting and worthwhile exercise. Furthermore, some purists didn’t appreciate it and this created some excellent educated debate on the whole area.

Here’s a recent story from UNIX Insider that appeared on Googlemail.

So there’ s no question that in the networked world within which we live you can use weblogs to promote a product or message, however be careful. Your message must be relevant, your product must be relevant, you should be upfront about your agenda and you should know and understand a blogger’s interests BEFORE you get in touch. Do these guidelines sound familiar at all? Good PR practice is good PR practice regardless of the medium or the message.


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July 3, 2002 at 8:31 am

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