Stop, listen and think..

It’s accepted that we are all incredibly busy these days.  We’re rushing around, juggling plans, meetings, calls, issues, projects and to-do lists – not to mention e-mail and Twitter.  It’s very easy to keep your head down and plough on.

It is however – in my humble opinion -incredibly important to stop on a regular basis. Stop and think. Stop and review.  Stop and listen.

I know that the Sharpen the Saw analogy has become a cliché, but then it has become a cliché because it’s true!

One thing I love doing is sitting and listening to my son.  Five year olds are so honest, their minds are full of opportunities and they don’t allow norms or experience to restrict their thoughts or dull their expectations.  This is something we should all contemplate.

That’s why I loved this post by Richie Escovedo: “9 PR rules my daughter learned in kindergarten”.

9. Listen to others – There is an interesting duality to this rule. A.) You don’t know all there is to know about public relations. You need to continue to learn and hone your skills through discussion, research, and professional development. PR is an ever-evolving field and being able to adapt and change is what will make you stand out. B.) You don’t know all there is to know about your organization or clients. Active listening within your work environment, on behalf of your organization and through monitoring will mean the difference between taking shots in the dark and making educated and informed communication decisions.

Interesting food for thought…