Are you qualified to comment? Do you care? Then don’t expect me to.

[Moderate rant warning]

I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who feel fully qualified to offer sweeping – nay visionary – guidance and commentary on an industry or profession with limited or often no knowledge. 

Well, when I say they have limited knowledge, I mean to say that they have about as much knowledge about PR, as I have about the shipping business (after receiving a package).

PR is one of the businesses that most often enjoys this advice. It’s a magnet for these pompous posting ignoramuses.  

Too often these people equate the entire business with pure media relations.  Of course media relations remains incredibly important, but it’s just one element of our work.

By the way just in case you are concerned that you won’t be able to spot these “experts” don’t worry it’s pretty easy they normally say: “PR is dead (or dying)”.

That’s the giveaway.

Todd Defren responds to the latest installment.

I won’t link directly to the author as I have tired of doing so. By all means have a read of it but actively question it.  Don’t tell anyone, but having a PR strategy that is based on the fact that “stories spread on their own without a lot of pushing” probably won’t set you up for success.

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