The only worse thing than being spammed…

imageNow I have a very cute eight month old daughter and sometimes (thankfully rarely) when she’s tired, she gets cranky and has been known to throw her rattle/bottle/toy out of her high chair/car seat/pram. But you see she’s eight months old.  She is frustrated she can’t communicate.

So, what’s the story with all these adults who can’t communicate – adults who are communicators?

Now you may be wondering what I am dribbling about this time. God knows I often do, but bear with me.


It appears that a PR person – now please, prepare to be shocked – spammed a group of people about a forthcoming (admittedly social media) book.

Well all hell broke lose.  In fact you couldn’t move for all the rattles being tossed online.

How about this blog post headline: “How a single email killed a PR firm”.

Pardon me?

As we often say in Ireland, would ye ever cop yourselves on.

All this chest beating from PR people… you know folks I operate this blog under the greenhouse code. Mistakes happen, yes I know it was pretty dumb, but mistakes do happen.  The guilty party has gone public  responding to the blog posts.

The funniest part for me was a comment on one of the indignant PR blog posts that says (and I am paraphrasing to protect the guilty):

“… he is the pot calling the kettle black.. I get spam from him constantly..”


You know the thing that really galls me is that none of these people have the right to feel indignant.

Nope. None of them.

It’s people like me who didn’t even get the spam that should be indignant, because the only thing worse than getting the spam, is not getting it.

Sigh….. I’m such a loser.