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Interesting PR related online things…

Welcome to Friday, we even have sunny weather in this lovely part of the world.

A few things bounced across my browser, RSS reader and e-mail over the past couple of days that I thought I’d share.

Ford – Online Fiesta

Ragan has a really interesting report on Ford’s new US social media project to promote the new Fiesta car.  They undertook an online recruitment program to find 100 “agents” to document their experiences with the new car via social media from Twitter to blogs and YouTube. According to the company they won’t censure the agents’ feedback.



Mashable has published a journalists’ guide to Twitter.

He often puts his questions on Twitter at the start of the day, and then his followers (more than 2,200) help him come up with angles, or chime in with their opinions. Rather than interviewing random people on the street, he’s able to get more targeted feedback from people with relevant life experience.

Tell your own story, your own way..

Not exactly breaking news, but in case you missed it… Chevron decided to address a critical 60 minutes report by going on the offensive.


Another approach to funding online media…

In an environment where publishers (online and offline) are working hard to drive revenue, Seattle’s TechFlash is taking a new option by providing sponsored posts. The posts are clearly flagged as “sponsored”  and have a different colored background from editorial posts (see below) but appear in the “news flow”.  I imagine we’ll see other approaches in the coming year.


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May 16, 2009 at 12:11 am

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